TREES 4 CHILD VIETNAM  a Norwegian child aid organisation that since 2017 has worked to help disadvantaged children in Vietnam. We give children the opportunity for a better future by giving them education. With the support of buddy parents, we help hundreds of children in north/south Vietnam with food, clothing, medicines building school and education. In some cases, we also help the homes of the children. With the support of godparents around the world, we will help thousands of children in the years to come.

The Founder – TRINE EMILIA KVALE  is a successful businesswoman and keen to realize her dreams. She has for many years run several companies in Norway and now heads the Trees4Child foundation in Norway. It was during her many trips to Vietnam that she began to visualize her vision of helping poor children. In Trees4Child Vietnam, Trine can work with what lies closest to her, giving disadvantaged children a key to a brighter future through education.

Trine’s message to you

“It takes so little to change a child’s life for the better. Now that you read this, hand out a small poor child who needs help.”