Central Vietnam: Emergency Storm Relief Needed Now

The Central of Vietnam has been battered by two subsequent storms over the past two weeks. Heavy downpours triggered flashfloods and landslides, leaving 111 dead and 22 missing, impacted thousands of people. Many families are already experiencing with the impact of COVID 19, the floods have wiped out their homes, crops, livestock, and livelihood, it makes life all the more difficult.

Some 371 ha of rice paddies have been submerged, 7,126 ha of crops damaged, and over 700,000 heads of cattle and poultry killed or swept away.

Trees4ChildVietnam is calling for emergency support for millions of people in central Vietnam. We are soliciting help from every person and every section of the community, and trying to find the quickest way to help those in need right now.

Trees4ChildVietnam will help these families to rebuild and start over (1). Their houses have been severely damaged or destroyed so Trees4ChildVietnam will help with the rebuilding and repairs to their homes in corporate with Project Nha Chong Lu (Flood Resistant Houses) (2). We will buy new crops and livestock to help these families to become independent once again and we will provide these families with food and basic necessities.

Trees4ChildVietnam also calls donation for a long-term solution: Planting Trees to Save the Planet (3) in cooperating with Better Globe (Africa) or Gaia Nature Conservation (Vietnam)

You are freely choose any of three ways above to help people, we will directly handle all donations and be transparent about how your donations are used.

All donations, no matter how small will go a long way to help rebuild someone’s life and dreams.

“There is no greater feeling than giving. Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have”

(1) Help these families to rebuild and start over: Trees4ChildVietnam will allocate donation money to trusted local organizations, try our best to make sure donation money come to right place, right person, right purpose (be transparent about how your donations are used)

(2) Nha Chong Lu Project: Nha Chong Lu is a primary project of Song Foundation, started since 2013. The project aims to help communities who are impacted or under high risk of natural disasters and climate change effects to rebuild, renew, and reinforce their housing & living conditions. At the end, we help improve their capability to live safe and sound through natural disaster impacts. For more information: https://song.org.vn/nha-chong-lu/

(3) Planting Trees: You can choose to join us:

  • Global Scope with “Better Globe Project” – A Social Entrepreneurship Model: Planting trees, contribute to binding carbon dioxide, reduce erosion problems, and also prevent further desertification south of the Sahara. For more information: https://en.betterglobe.com/
  • Local Scope with “Gaia Nature Conservation”: Forest Plantation – Xuan Lien Protected Area (Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam). For more information: http://www.gaiavn.org/